How we help schools overcome the 4 biggest challenges in education IT?

Teachers are the driving force – tech just greases the wheels

School technology has come a long way since the days of the one and only hefty school computer, which had to be wheeled around on a huge trolley when a teacher needed it.

Today’s schools are now filled with interactive whiteboards, tablet devices, student laptops, AR headsets, digital signage, and a plethora of education-specific software and hardware all promising to make teachers’ lives better.

But what is all this wizardry really trying to do? Can it really transform your teaching?

The real game changers

Education technology should never be considered a game changer. The real movers and shakers in the education world are, and always should be, you – the teachers, as well as your school support staff and of course the students. Technology can help, like the oil in an engine, but it’s not the driving force behind a better education.

That might sound funny coming from an Education Technology company – but it’s true. Human beings play a far greater role in shaping the minds of others than gadgets and gizmos, and that’s especially true of teachers and their students.

You transform teaching – everyday. Not the technology you use – you. Every nugget of new information you share, every lesson delivery, every conversation you have with students. No two days are the same and whether you realise it or not, you’re continuously raising the benchmark in education.

Technology-enabled transformation

So if it’s teachers (and students) that drive transformation – what does technology do? Put very simply, it makes life easier. If it takes 10 minutes for your whole class just to log on to a new online learning platform but there’s a way technology can help you all do this in less than 60 seconds instead… I mean that sounds like a no-brainer, right? Because all those little disruptions to learning add up to lost lesson time, disengaged students and stressed teachers. But if things are a bit easier, and technology just works every time, everyone has a better day.

There’s a whole world of amazing education technology out there that can make life a bit less complicated for you and ultimately help you be the kind of teacher you want to be. And that’s probably the best way to look at it when considering buying into a new platform, app or school IT system. What does my (and my students’) average day look like now – and how would I love it to look?

You’re going to be faced with a lot of EdTech choices in your teaching career. Some tech you’ll look back on with fond memories (like that clunky portable computer), others won’t make it past a free trial. Understand your end goal and look for tech that aligns with your vision so that you can ensure you get the most impact. And always remember it’s you – not the tech – that runs the show.
If you want more tips about how to make sure your classroom technology delivers the impact you’re looking for, check out our blog here.


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