Integrated school asset management, help desk, 

support management, and remote monitoring 

software tool.

What is CSE Service Manager

CSE Service Manager is a multi-faceted school asset management system, enhanced help desk and remote monitoring software tool. It comprises three distinct yet complementary core elements aimed at helping schools improve not just IT efficiency but also efficiency across wider school systems and assets.

CSE Service Manager is entirely cloud-based meaning the range of facilities can be available to you whether you are accessing them from within the school or remotely. And, because it is web-based, it is available on any device that supports a web browser. CSE Service Manager supports single site schools as well as MATs.

Service Desk

An IT concierge service to help IT managers.

Asset Manager

A full function asset register that can provide a complete asset management system.

Remote Agent

Detect and fix a wide range of IT issues as - or even before - they even happen.

Key features of CSE Service Manager

Supporting school IT teams to deliver excellence

Explore the 3 powerful components of CSE Service Manager

CSE Service Desk

CSE Service Desk is a full function, ITIL based IT concierge service that can provide a complete support management system and allows administrators and ICT technicians to view and interact with any events or issues that have been reported manually, via email or by the automated monitoring service (the Remote Agent). CSE Service Desk is not just confined to IT support, it can provide a powerful support function wherever a request and response type service is required, The Service Desk is used by many schools for Facilities Management, Catering, and other applications.


CSE Asset Manager automatically discovers and creates a register of all connected Windows-based devices, recording where they are, what they are connected to, the make and model, and even the serial number and warranty status. It can also detect the software installed on devices and check for license compliance. The powerful and configurable reporting and analysis tools allow you to simply and accurately understand the whole-life costs of assets. For non-Windows devices on the network, the system can also scan devices like printers, switches, IP phones, etc, where client software is not supported, and provide the same information as for Windows devices.


CSE Remote Agent is an automated system that can identify issues with your servers and desktop workstations, even remote mobile devices over the internet. After it identifies any issues, it then repairs or alerts your IT team to these issues as they happen, in real-time, without burdening the human resources of the support team. In many instances CSE Remote Agent can therefore fix IT issues before they even happen. Anybody that manages a network will know that it’s the annoying little maintenance issues that take most of the support team’s time to resolve and document properly. CSE Remote Agent provides an invisible second or third pair of hands; an extremely cost-effective support team multiplier.


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