Fix your school IT issues BEFORE they happen

Welcome to CSE Remote Agent

We make multi-million pound IT systems normally reserved for huge corporations a financially viable option for schools. This means pre-emptive, proactive, powerful monitoring, support and reporting every single day of the year.

Reduce IT disruptions – prevention is better than cure

Reinforce IT security – stay one step ahead of the latest cyber threats

Recoup IT and asset costs – including those you’ve never even considered

"It’s like the Minority Report for school IT"

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Empowering school IT professionals

Powered by incredible predictive and prescriptive analytical systems, we’ll help IT teams to run a smoother, safer IT network whilst saving your school money.

CSE Remote Agent powers IT teams through:

  • AI-enabled systems to predict problems and prescribe automated solutions before they happen
  • Automated asset management to reduce costs
  • Improved end user experience with fewer disruptions
  • Cohesive IT systems that work together to increase efficiency
  • An extra pair of ‘invisible hands’ to support your IT team with tactical support

About CSE

We’re passionate about making school IT even more accessible. This means helping school leaders and IT managers tap into the very best technology to enable them to run their school or MAT like the tech trailblazers and commercial giants of other industries… Just without the outrageous price tag.

We believe too much technology has been locked away from schools for too long by unrealistic costs, which force school leaders to make unnecessary compromises.

CSE aims to change this.

We’ve been supporting schools since 1994 and pride ourselves on friendly, affordable and down-to-earth IT expertise and solutions that offer substantiated reassurance, as much as technology excellence.

If you’ve read this far – then there’s a strong chance we can help you realise the enormous potential of your school IT in ways you never imagined. Download our free brochure to find out more.


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