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How to make sure your DfE-supplied devices issued during Covid still work this September

Since last year, DfE supplied 1.3 million schools with devices in response to the rise in remote learning. These devices came equipped with all the necessary management software schools required but this software, whilst given freely during Covid, was never meant to last forever.

From 30th September 2021, any device supplied by DfE during Covid will no longer work. Some schools will have undertaken the necessary software updates immediately on receipt of their devices. However, many other schools will have distributed laptops and tablets to students as quickly as they could without realising that 18 months later these devices will not work.

The last things schools need when they return in September are unnecessary IT issues disrupting the start of a new academic year.

There are 2 courses of actions schools who haven’t already updated their DfE-supplied devices need to take before 30th September 2021:

For shared in-school devices: These devices will need to be reimaged onto your school network. 

For personal devices issued to students: These devices will need to be enrolled onto Microsoft Intune and reimaged so they can be effectively managed and made secure.

To avoid any disruption to students’ learning next September, please check with your IT manager or IT managed service provider that these crucial updates are made before the start of the new academic year. 

If you would like CSE to take care of all necessary service updates on your behalf so that it’s one less burden for you to worry about, please contact us and we’ll make sure your students’ online learning is not disrupted.


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