How we help schools overcome the 4 biggest challenges in education IT?

Free Sim cards for 90x days from Vodaphone

Reports have suggested that some children in England are up to three months behind in their studies due to Covid restrictions, with some children in the UK not having the right connectivity at home to access the education they need. Vodaphone want to help those disadvantaged children struggling to access education with their emergency ‘schools.connected’ support package. They will be giving away up to 250,000 data SIMs with 30GB free connectivity for 90 days to primary and secondary school children and young people across the UK this winter.
Each school can place one order and SIM quantities will be allocated based on the following methodology.   They are using an allocation system which helps them determine how many SIMs they offer to each school. This system is built around a number of factors, including the school type and proportion of pupils eligible for free school meals in the local authority a school is located in.

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