How to make sure your DfE-supplied devices issued during Covid still work this September

Since last year, DfE supplied 1.3 million schools with devices in response to the rise in remote learning. These devices came equipped with all the necessary management software schools required but this software, whilst given freely during Covid, was never meant to last forever. From 30th September 2021, any device supplied by DfE during Covid […]

IT safeguarding in schools – and how data privacy can actually work against you

Once upon a time, internet filtering was simple. The only devices with internet access that most students had access to were in school and the ways in which students could potentially bypass the filter were scarce (or else only for those students with very advanced IT skills).   Students would try and bypass the filtering by […]

How can your school mitigate the biggest IT security threats to schools in 2021?

Cyber security has always been a priority for schools but with the number of cyber attacks high, its profile is rising again. Even before COVID-19, research undertaken by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the London Grid for Learning (LGfL) indicated that the vast majority of our primary and secondary schools (83%) were reporting […]