Creating a User Portal

with Magellan

Magellan provides all teachers and students with a tailored, personal desktop that is device independent and accessible from anywhere. These desktops give users one-click access to applications, files, web resources, videos, RSS feeds and many other resource types.

The Magellan user portal overcomes many technical challenges, including enabling seamless hybrid-cloud computing, simplifying remote access to local applications and files on your network, as well as online apps and files in the cloud. And because it is cloud based it never requires users to log into your physical network, significantly enhancing security.



Home Screen

The Magellan home screen is highly customisable, enabling each school to personalise with their branding, as well as providing users with unique content depending on their active directory group membership.

Live Tiles

The tiles in Magellan are not just static web links, they can also be interactive, providing users with important information without having to browse off to a different page. This example shows the timetable for a user.

Magellan Mobile

The Magellan Mobile App brings the file browser to IOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. It also enables users to single-sign-on to almost any resource or app.

This is just one of the ways in which Magellan can help your school

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