Auto- provisioning

with Magellan
Magellan uses the data in your MIS to provide advanced auto-provisioning of accounts in Active Directory (AD), Office 365 and other systems. It manages users at the time of new intake, from initial account creation through to handling changes during their time at the school, and finally removing accounts when students leave. Auto-provisioning significantly reduces administration workload, eliminates errors, and enhances security, providing a vital synchronisation between the MIS and other systems. It takes appropriate action when updates are made, such as creating or removing users, generating passwords, managing email accounts, setting relevant permissions, joining groups, updating online calendars, and more.



Added User History

The Added User History screen displays all the users created by the Magellan provisioning system. This is helpful when provisioning users to the Active Directory with a random password, as it provides an easy interface to view the names and passwords for each user at time of creation.

Office 365 Configuration

The Office 365 configuration screen allows deep control of the provisioning of users, groups and calendar objects into Office 365 from different sources. It also enables the assigning of user licenses based on Magellan roles, and provides the ability to easily federate and un-federate Office 365 domains with Magellan.

Imported Data

The Imported Data screen allows admin staff to see what time data came into the Magellan auto-provisioning system and from which source, along with the status of the imported data.

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