Get greater operational efficiency with seamless access to digital learning, expert back office IT support and enhanced asset management


Wouldn’t it be great if the one thing you never had to worry about again was your school IT?

Whether you run a school, college or academic trust, we can support you with education-specific software solutions, bespoke managed services and clear and credible IT expertise so your school IT ecosystem remains cutting edge, fit for purpose, reliable and cost effective year-on-year.

From monitoring the school network using powerful data analytics, advising on and installing new tech, streamlining back office and administrative tasks, and facilitating smoother digital teaching and learning experiences – CSE will help you meet the demands of today’s complex education technology landscape.

We don’t stop there though. Because we look at IT as part of your wider asset management, our services also cover school vehicles, boilers, all electrical items and tools so you get greater peace of mind from every investment.


We provide industry-leading software and services, and back-up expertise to help headteachers ensure intelligent IT support across their entire school. You choose the level of support you need from our three service offerings:


A complete solution for schools who need to seamlessly outsource all their technology support needs Our team of UK-based school technology support staff will maintain a support system and manage all your technology requirements remotely and on-site. From fixing day-to-day computer issues that your staff raise, through to optimising existing technology and even advising on any applications you should stop renewing – our dedicated, managed service team will help your school technology to run smoother, and be more cost effective. Our automated asset management system will handle warranty renewals, software licenses, software usage, depreciation, auditing, replacement and capacity planning, and much more, using standard, automated reports.


A solution for schools who have an existing IT Manager and want more in-house control

Our software will help your IT manager to gain a better insight into the technology you use in your school to improve performance, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This includes Service Desk, Asset Manager and CSE Remote Agent software.


A combination of Full and In-School Managed Services, which allows our CSE experts to collaborate with your school IT manager

This option combines our Fully Managed Services and our Do it Yourself (Semi Managed Services) models. Your in-house IT Manager will have access to Service Manager and be supported by CSE specialists to deal with the more difficult technical issues, as well as assistance in making strategic decisions.

Complete back office support to help your school run more smoothly


CSE Service Manager is an integrated school asset management, help desk, support management and remote monitoring software tool. It helps to manage and report on service functions, hardware performance and reliability, fixed asset registers, software assets, consumables, etc, and the costs associated with them. We can automatically register and audit your IT assets and software licenses, making it easy to manage the process regularly and routinely. We can also monitor all the devices on the network for events, alerts and status.

All Service Manager facilities are available anywhere and on any device that supports a web browser.

Perfect for headteachers or academy trusts with multiple institutions to manage.

Tickets are automatically categorised, prioritised and routed to either your IT Manager or CSE’s own support service. The service desk element can be used for any department that requires a managed ‘request and response’ type of system e.g. facilities management, catering, graphic design, etc.

Administrators and senior leaders can keep an eye on Service performance using a highly flexible dashboard system. 

The whole system is permanently recorded in the database (and can’t be altered) so a full audit is available to senior management. This allows an instant and up-to-date valuation for insurance and regulatory compliance and even manages stock control and costs of consumables such as printer cartridges.

Automatically discovers and creates a register of connected Windows and non-Windows-based devices including warranty status and license compliance. The asset register can also cover non-IT e.g. school vehicles, boilers, fridges and classroom equipment with the same sophisticated tracking and auditing.

Calculates the true costs of your support service and analyses the data to identify if you need more (or less) IT resource.

Checks the status of all school devices and raises alerts in response to anything that is a cause for concern, e.g. anti-virus status, Windows updates, failed back-ups,etc. 

Informs you when you are running out of licenses or if you are paying for any licenses you don’t actually need.

Offers three methods of calculating depreciation: Customised ‘Replacement due’ alerts to allow planned and predictable re-investment; identification of problem devices or types of device; and power consumption calculation to address electricity costs.


Simplifying access to learning. Any device. Any application. Any time. Anywhere.

Magellan is a cloud-based portal for schools, designed to improve user engagement,
access and management, as well as enhance IT security. 

The end user portal allows network administrators and educators to tailor specific  interfaces for all their users to provide them with all the resources they need (web apps, web sites, local and cloud resources, local apps, etc) on any device – in school or at home – in fact, anywhere at all.

Magellan provides true single-sign-on (SSO) to every learning app your school uses with teacher and student dashboards having a single point of access, no matter where the resource resides. This saves valuable time by eradicating login issues and the need for password retrieval/resets.


Magellan uses the data in your MIS to provide advanced auto-provisioning of accounts in Active Directory (AD), Office 365 and other systems. It manages users at the time of new intake, from initial account creation through to handling changes during their time at the school, and finally removing accounts when students leave.

Auto-provisioning significantly reduces administration workload, eliminates errors, and enhances security, providing a vital synchronisation between the MIS and other systems. It takes appropriate action when updates are made, such as creating or removing users, generating passwords, managing email accounts, setting relevant permissions, joining groups, updating online calendars, and more.


  • Cloud-based graphical interface to allow your staff and students simple access to resources, including:
    • Web content
    • Office 365 / Google
    • Remote desktop apps
    • RSS Feeds
    • Twitter feeds
    • YouTube videos and playlists
    • External / internal web pages and content
    • MIS data (e.g. student timetable and attendance tiles
  • Personalised online interface for each user, class or group
  • Complete device independence



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