The Four Biggest IT Challenges Facing Schools In A Post-Lockdown Era - And How We’ve Helped Schools Overcome Them

Schools faced significant IT challenges before Covid rocked our world. But in a post-lockdown era, lots of the barriers and bugbears that existed before have been exasperated.

Schools Want To Know More Than Ever:

Helping schools to overcome these challenges is the bread and butter of what we do.

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About CSE

CSE is an independent, specialist provider of software, IT services, hardware and technical expertise to the education sector.

We support schools requiring a single software solution, through to those needing large, complex projects implementing or fully managed IT services.

Since 2001, CSE has been approved on every relevant DfE framework agreement for school IT. We leverage the very latest technology and highly experienced IT subject specialists, and have been recognised through accreditation and top-level backing from organisations such as HP, Citrix, Microsoft, and Sophos.

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