School IT Managers


CSE Remote Agent reduces the burden of low-level, high recurring IT network tasks through:

In some instances, CSE Remote Agent will even fix IT issues BEFORE they happen. So to the rest of the school – it’s like you’re in two places at once.

Support for staff and students but with fewer repetitive manual tasks

CSE Remote Agent automates repetitive IT tasks and keeps a forensic eye on your entire IT network for you. The result? You spend less time on the small stuff and get more time and opportunity for CPD, strategic decision making and those IT tasks that actually depend on human interaction.

CSE Remote Agent core capabilities include:

Run your school like a multi-million pound tech giant

In a nutshell, CSE Remote Agent is the kind of technology normally reserved for multi-million pound enterprises (think tech giants, banks etc) just without the huge price tag. We’ve made it affordable to the education sector so you can run your IT network the way you’ve always wanted to but never thought possible.

Give CSE Remote Agent a try for 90 days – free of charge, no obligation. You’ll get a free pair of hands to help you out with many of those time-draining tasks for the rest of the school term.

How we help School IT Managers

We’ve been helping School IT Managers, School Network Managers and Heads of IT since 1994 providing software solutions, as well as partnership support and consultation. We believe those in charge of school IT should have access to the very best technology and expertise tailored to their school’s individual needs and budget. School IT Managers do an incredible job every day. We aim to raise their profile by shouldering the burden of repetitive tasks which will allow them to demonstrate even greater value. 

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