Identity Management

with Magellan

Magellan features unique and sophisticated single-sign-on (SSO) technologies. These have been designed from the ground-up by CSE to enable a truly comprehensive solution for education establishments. It supports all of the recognised single-sign-on industry standards, enabling users easy access to any application or web resource, even when they were not designed with this in mind.

A repository of ready-to-use SSO scripts for over 200 education apps already exists, and CSE provide a free service to add any new apps that are not already available.




Magellan has an extensive and growing library of over 200 pre-configured apps. If a school identifies an app that they need and is not already available, CSE will add it free of charge.

Identity Management Policies

Multiple policies can be setup to affect different users in the system. Policies can include password strength, which self-service password reset options are available for users, and if additional authentication mechanisms are required based on end user location.

Identity Management Users

Magellan identities are held securely within its own database; these user can originate from the school’s Active Directory or only exist in Magellan Identity Management itself as cloud users. Cloud users are typically parents which do not require access to the school’s file shares or Active Directory.

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