How we help schools overcome the 4 biggest challenges in education IT?

If your schools’ IT Management Service isn’t flexible? Don’t go there.

In this digital age, schools are becoming increasingly reliant on technology – and never more so than in the time of Covid, which has forced schools to adapt under a huge amount of pressure and rely much more on remote learning.

One of the biggest challenges around this issue is how schools can create an agile IT ecosystem that can adapt at the same pace as the education landscape. And of course it needs to do all this against ever-changing and ever-challenging budgetary cuts and constraints.

There’s a significant cost attached to the technological shift, not only in terms of investing in new platforms or software, but the cost of managing it all thereafter. When there are multiple IT purchases being made across your school, combined with legacy products and systems – how sure are you that you’re not paying for more than what you need? And who’s going to look after things and ensure it all runs smoothly and securely? We know training around technology falls short in most schools – so ongoing IT support is crucial.

There isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that’s going to work for schools. This means managed service providers need to be stepping up by offering schools the flexibility they need to find a means of managing their school technology in a way which suits them.

As CSE we have three options for schools:

  • DONE FOR YOU: Fully Managed Services

    A complete Managed Service solution for Office 365 schools who need to seamlessly outsource all their technology support needs. This is the best solution for schools where time is the most precious resource. We can take this off your shoulders and manage it all for you.

  • DO IT YOURSELF: In-School Managed Service

    A DIY approach that provides schools with software to help their own in-house IT manager to fix problems quickly and efficiently. A more budget friendly option, which still provides the tools you need to manage your school IT infrastructure more effectively.

  • HYBRID: Combined Support Services

    A combination of Full and In-School Managed Services, which allows our CSE experts to collaborate with school IT managers, allowing for a more bespoke approach to your school IT requirements.

If you’re not sure which solution will work best for your schools’ needs or budgets, then speak to one of our team and we can help find a solution that suits you. Our team can advise you on the effective management of IT infrastructures, as well as how we can help facilitate enhanced teaching and learning through your IT systems.

Click here to find out more or call us for a jargon-free (!) Discovery Call to find out how we might help you solve your IT challenges.


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