Be in two places at once during

lockdown with our no-cost IT

support as your secret weapon

Let CSE handle more of your low ticket issues and take some
of the lockdown weight off your shoulders – FOR FREE

During the Spring term, the team at CSE are offering every UK school a range of useful IT services and support at zero cost to the school.

No catch. No obligation. We want to make sure you, your colleagues, and your students are not burdened with endless sign-on issues, remote queries, and needlessly time-consuming IT admin tasks at this challenging time.

● Faster, direct access to your school network and all school IT systems
● Single-sign-on to all your web applications and digital resources
● Remote tech support for all staff and students working from home or on-the-go
● We’ll take care of lots of your IT administrative tasks
● No more compromising to use iOS devices when accessing a Windows environment

What free services will you get from CSE?

There’s a better way of managing your IT during lockdown. Here’s how we can help you right now for no cost.
If you’re not sure which service is right for you (you can pick more than one), just ask us.

1. Way easier access to the school network

Make it easier for students and staff working remotely to directly access their files and shares on the school network.

Our well established CSE Magellan software provides your school community seamless remote access to files and shares on the school network and presents your school-based applications over the internet via the Magellan portal.

2. Fewer time-intensive password resets

CSE Magellan also eliminates the need for multiple different logins (and the subsequent knock-on impact of forgotten passwords!) of any third-party web application/resource with a single sign-on system giving access to teacher selected resources on remote or local devices.

This removes the need for lots of different passwords and means students see only what the teacher wants them to see so helps keep them on-task.

We’re also offering to remotely and securely reset individual Magellan passwords should that issue arise (we’ve tried to think of everything!). This enables changing of Active Directory (AD) passwords not just Magellan, and all passwords are synced to O365.

3. On-the-go access to school IT 

The CSE Magellan Mobile App allows the full functionality of Magellan to be operated on your phone or tablet, and includes the Magellan desktop, file access, and access to remote applications. In addition, the App supports file interchange between Apple and Android apps and the Windows network.

A perfect solution for gathering all the resources, applications and shortcuts in one place that you could not possibly provide instructions to for 1000 people using whatever device they want to bring in” – Magellan Mobile App user

4. Spot tech problems BEFORE they happen

Where mobile devices are being used by students and staff at home to deliver administration and learning, we can monitor critical parameters on these devices over the Internet (disc capacity, software installed, last used date, etc.) and report back to you, allowing you to monitor potential problems and issues.

Technical note: This system does not provide actual remote support of the device. There are many products that will do that and we can work with any that are already in use, alternatively we can supply Screen Connect to provide this functionality.

5. More data storage for students’ files and work

Cloud-based storage from Microsoft is useful but not deployed and used in the typical way schools save data. CSE One Drive Mapper allows your MS cloud-based storage to be mapped as if it were a drive on the local school server so your students can more easily access their 1TB data allocated to them.

6. Spend less time in MS teams

MS Teams has become vital for many schools in delivering remote learning. The CSE team can automatically create and maintain Team classes directly from the school Management Information System, removing the potentially huge administrative burden of managing hundreds of Team classes.

“Creating Teams for every class and tutor group across the Trust (approximately 4600) was a daunting task. This is where CSE’s automated Teams creation tool came in, provisioning staff and students directly from our MIS and cross-checking to ensure all the correct students and staff were all in the correct Teams. I believe we would have struggled to meet our responsibilities to our staff and students in delivering teaching and learning without CSE’s assistance during this unprecedented time.” – Steve Groutage, Tudor Grange Academy Trust

Why work with CSE?

CSE is a proudly independent, specialist provider of software, IT services, hardware and technical expertise to the education sector.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the education sector, our mission is to make school IT more accessible to every end user. We support schools requiring a single software solution, through to those needing large, complex projects implementing. We also offer two levels of managed services that work collaboratively alongside school IT managers

Note: CSE will continue to operate during this difficult period, providing on-site support where appropriate and providing remote support in other cases.

Existing customers can use our standard technical support lines on 01993 886688 or email

If you’re not a CSE customer, just hit the link below and we’ll help get you started with some free IT support.

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